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What is CHI? Feng Shui and Health.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Chi energy

What exactly is this Chi you keep talking about Adrienne? I admit, I have been fascinated with Feng Shui my whole life but I didn't know what it really was and the meaning behind why it was such a potent practice, at first. I first had to learn about Chi.

Chi is the vital source that is the essence of all materials and It is what activates the universe. It is an unseen air current that is circulating in a room. Chi is matter. Chi is energy. We call Chi Life Force Energy. It's the air we breathe.

There are different types of Chi but I would like to talk about what is called Heaven Chi. If you are having trouble believing that Chi affects us, consider the central star in the solar system. The sun. Without the sun we would cease to exist.

How about a windy day and The wind chills your face or a hot day and the heat makes you sweat? What About times of the day that make you happier than other times of the day? Have you ever noticed that seasons make some people happier while making others depressed? What about if you walk past a bagel shop and the smell makes you smile? Or plug your nose?

There is no question that all these factors affect our well-being. Heaven Chi is associated with time, change and transformation. This is also compatible with the day and time you were born and also the time your home was constructed. Let me explain!

Your own Chi is marked like a fingerprint. It's Unique and at your time of birth, the first breath determines how your life force energy is compatible with those around you. It is your destiny. Your first breath = your soul's agreement with the universe.

This is the same as the construction of your home. The day of the construction and more important the day, time hour the roof goes on- is when Chi is captured inside the dwelling. Until the home sees the light again from the sun, this is your home's birth time determines the home's inherent personality.

Chi continues indefinitely and is always changing. Expanding, collecting, how it moves, how it flows, how it resides in water and rides in the wind. There is no way to escape Chi and no one that can't feel Chi. Powerful hidden energy that affects everything and everyone.

Feng Shui defines the existence of life force, chi, which can be auspicious and positive or negative and threatening. This is why balancing the home's energy is so important. It will bring flow and harmony to our home and lives.

Albert Einstein stated that energy and matter are two aspects of the same thing. Creating the energy that surrounds us.

Smart Dude. He also said:




The practice of Feng Shui is to tap into these auspicious energies and deflect those that are negative, dark, dead energy. The inauspicious.

Once you decide to bring Feng Shui into your life, things will start to happen. The universe will start moving things for you to have. The doors you need to open will unblock and magic will begin for the life you deserve and the abundance you desire.

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