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with Adrienne Thatcher


Balance your home environment and attract the right partner, increased abundance, better relationships, amplified happiness, and  improved health

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I can tell you all this because that's what I did to have an abundance mindset, improved finances, and the understanding that there is always more than enough money in my life. I am now connected to my own inner vision, my true path, and my purpose. I am healthy in mind and spirit and am a source of inspiration for my family and friends. I can tell you this because I am now using my unique skills to spread joy in my perfect career while having all the clarity and excitement to make a difference in the world.


I know what it's like to feel guilty about wanting more for yourself. Maybe you’re hiding emotions because you are just the kind of person who helps everyone, and that is a great feeling, but it will last only so long. We believe that wanting more shows a lack of gratitude because there's always someone worse off than us.  

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So a few years ago, I kicked myself, stopped secretly feeling sorry for myself, got up off the floor (literally!), and decided to take action so I could achieve happiness in all aspects of my life! 


I was exhausted from acting happy but really only being “OK” because I always felt fortunate for what I did have (which we all should be appreciative of), but was questioning myself all the time. It's hard to know exactly what you want and it’s a struggle to call-in opportunities when you feel blessed for what you have, but secretly want more! I was tired of feeling run over by people, which made it harder to focus on what my heart truly desired.


Once I embraced this practice and started Feng Shuing my home, things started to shift. The first Feng Shui win was when I received unexpected money which got my head above water and created a ripple effect of more and more abundance. I realized that it wasn't me, it was my home! WOW! I always knew that Feng Shui was a part of me, however, I found out really quickly that truly embracing the magic of this ancient practice works, and realized I could use this knowledge to change everything in all areas of my life. 

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When You Embrace Feng Shui, You Will Discover Magic and Miracles by Using This Ancient Practice to Empower Your Home and Empower Your Life!


"I believe the more you have the more you have to give so I help those who are unsatisfied, unclear, lonely, and stuck in a rut become satisfied, clearer, and euphoric by offering a positive and unique group program and personable one-on-one coaching by teaching the tried and tested ancient practice of Feng Shui"

- Adrienne Thatcher

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We are not separate from our planet, our homes, or one another.

Feng Shui brings together the external and internal environments by creating balanced, peaceful dwellings whose occupants develop health and happiness. 

Upgrading your life improves your relationship, career, finance and health.

Ready for an upgrade?

Think this sounds like a superstition, new age belief system, or a magical quick fix that only the rich and famous can afford?


If you think that re-arranging some furniture, saying an affirmation, and putting out Chinese coins is all it takes to bring in an abundance of health and wealth...then this workshop is not for you. 

But if you have an open mind, healthy mindset, and are ready to embrace this tried and tested ancient practice to transform your life, relationships, wealth, and health... this is exactly why I created the Empower Workshop… FOR YOU!

What if it was possible to:


  • Have focus, find clarity, energize your career or start a new one?  

  • Get out of your own way and find what you are really meant to do?

  • Call LOVE in to you? Not someone you try out for a while—I mean TRUE LOVE, your soulmate. 

  • Increase your savings, have a steady cash flow, and improve your finances beyond your dreams?

Imagine if you could:

  • Cure family ailments and improve your family relationships

  • Invite the right relationships into your life. Form powerful connections and supportive friendships—personal and business

  • Stop feeling sluggish and have improved health

  • Have your creative juices flow, start a new project, or  make an impact with something you have always wanted to do 

  • Have your home support everyone living there, creating a strong foundation for your family's growth. 


Empower Your Home - Empower Your Life


Hi, I'm Adrienne.


A few years ago I found myself on the floor, balled up like a child, feeling sorry for myself. I was back home in Atlanta, a few weeks after traveling internationally on a volunteer trip in India and then to Bali. In Bali, I had planned to get clarity on some terrible things that had happened over the prior year and were holding me down. 


I had friends of over 20 years break my heart into a thousand pieces, a major surgery still fresh in my mind that rebuilt most of my neck but took my voice with it due to complications from anesthesia, and a career I worked my ass off at but financially did not support me, so I had to have a second job bartending to supplement my income. (Yeah, I know. My back.) 

Now this is exactly why I am here and why 

EMPOWER was created! FOR YOU!


It's all that I have experienced, learned from, grown from, struggled and wrestled with, and been born into. 

“After I received my personal home report and I had two job interviews. A day later I had two job offers and since have received four promotions.”

-Lucy Robertson

"Just jump off the fence. Don't worry about finding the money. There's always money out there. You'll always find it. You'll always be able to pay for it. Don't even let it cross your mind because you will be bringing so much more into your life. Just go with it. Follow instructions, offload the questions and just let the magic happen"

-Suzanne Butler



Welcome to The Empower Course 

Personalized Feng Shui Report Preparation and Introduction 

Image by Scott Webb

Shifting your house from Blocked to Bursting by tapping into your homes energy.

Module 1 

Feng Shui Made Clear- Awakening our Best Friend

Image by Renee Kiffin

Module 2

Mastering the Feng Shui fundamentals -Tools for Transformation 

Opening the Feng Shui Tool Box

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Module 3

Energizing Health and Well-being- Just for the Health of it 

Immediate action items for Health, and Learning how to feel

Image by Katie Harp

Module 4

Enhancing and Attracting Wealth and Prosperity -
Rags to Riches

Reconnecting to your space making your home a catalyst for change

Image by Crew

Module 5

Travel -Power Tools for Relationship and Love

Revealing stagnant hidden energy and unblocking those barriers 

Image by KOBU Agency

Module 6

Connections and Career- Shining Your Light and Swimming in Fame 

Uplifting your Reputation and being the Life of the Party

Image by Samuel Austin


Expert Guest Speakers in 


  • Astrology 

  • Reiki  

  • Chakra for Business 

  • Surprise guest


How do you know that Empower Program is
right for you?

YOU Want A Change For Yourself and the  Best Version Of You

Making a Difference in Your Life and Others Life

You know It's Time for the debilitating anxiety of wanting more to end. Time to accept that the more you have the more you have to give.

YOU Want to Change Careers or Start A New One

 It's time for you to have confidence and feel supported

And Time for you to be fearless in wanting the career you desire

YOU Are Ready to finally Be Clear On What You Want 

You are ready for the positive change you need to become clear about what you want and are aligned with what you desire 

Ready to implement remedies suggested in your report so your home supports you to the highest possible best of you and all aspects of your life. 

YOU are Ready to Call In Your Soulmate

You are done with dating, wasting time, your energy, being disappointed, and tired of dating the same person you have dated your whole life. You are ready to call in love and your soul's true mate.  

YOU Want To Improve Your Finances and Create 

Constant Prosperity.

You are Tired of Working hard to just pay your bills, feeling underpaid and underappreciated.


You are open to receiving all the wealth that life is offering you.


Increasing your bank account 

YOU Want to Travel More, Make an Impact in the World, Have Better Relationships, Resolve Family Conflicts….

YOU ready to receive endless possibilities, limitless abundance, and open-minded to the ancient practice of Feng Shui - having a healthy mindset knowing that the magic of Feng Shui will coincide with inner work, decluttering your home, and open to receiving all the good things that are available to come your way.

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Have questions? Book a FREE chat with Adrienne.

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