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Is your basement, garage or attic holding you back?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Think about this my friends….

Basements, while useful, can possess an energy that is literally like the room itself in that it’s below the ground. There are other things to contend with such as a lack of natural light, low ceilings, or the presence of extra moisture. Adding the proper Feng Shui elements will help protect the health and well-being of all who spend time in a basement environment.

Your basement represents the past, so be mindful of what you keep there. This includes your attic. Don’t get bogged down with old and useless STUFF. Keep things in some kind of order, labeled, and accessible. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to move up in the world!

If you have a living space that is below grade you are going to want to think strategically. We need to find ways to lift energy and improve the Feng Shui so the living space is supportive. This is so important. Whatever way you are using your below-ground space (basement) whether it’s an office, guest room, storage, or added bonus space, shifting the energy here is just as important! There are guidelines you will want to follow So what are some below-ground remedies?

The best remedy is to know that the energy of basements is pressed down. We want to use lifting energy that uses active elements and energies most helpful.

The easiest is…. Light! Natural is the best, but if it is not possible just do all you can to give your space, extra space of light. You can do this with lighting in ceilings, can lights, lights on tables, surfaces, and floor lamps. Up lighting is best. Another suggestion is plant lighting. You can put a plant in the corner and place a light behind it which will help to lift the energy.

Next, keep ceilings painted white so this will visually expand the energy upwards. You may want to include images of the sky or sun which also helps energize the basement and to give a natural feel.

Remember, we are talking about YIN energy and we want to make it more YAN and do what we can to balance it out. Plants or pictures showing a tree growing upward. Anything that is growing and vibrant will help and that is wood energy.

Also, the center of the basement s like the center of the house which represents health, well-being, and vitality. It’s so important that you protect it because it is related to health and happiness.

I got called off work tonight, bartending an event. I thought “that’s ok, it’s in my universal plan” so what’s a girl to do with this surprising time?

I decided to DECLUTTER! All this writing about basements made me realize that my basement has been haunting me. I have put off, put off, and put off. Now, if you know me, I am an organized and clutter-free gal, even my basement is organized. However, it's organized junk and clutter!

So, tonight there were no more excuses to get the negative energy out of my basement, which I feel has been holding me back. I have 3 bags full of clothes that are going for donation. A few items I will sell on the marketplace, are a lot of trash, molded clothes (blah), and broken items. Tonight, was the perfect time to let go and make space for me to move up in the world!

Why do you feel that you are being held back? It could be your garage, attic, basement, or even outside your home. Take time to look at your space. Stand in this space and ask yourself how you feel. Each area in your home represents a living area that may be depleting you. Your home craves your attention and is ready to support you in all aspects of your life.

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