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Creating our divine frequency.

Have you ever thought that certain people have it all together? Or some are so much luckier than you? We see this all the time. Social media, reality shows, and personal assumptions have us believing that this person has it all or we are wishing “why can’t I live like them?”

Well, this is simply not true. None of us are immune to life circumstances, but it is how we choose to deal with things that will bring us peace or even make us look like we have it all together!

Personally, I have been dwelling in sadness around things that I can’t control, and knowing that I have all the tools to change my circumstances I still looked the other way. I laughed at the universe and felt that I knew best. I’m a full-on Taurus my friends, and then some! I asked myself, “how’s that working out for you Adrienne?” I was letting my mind get the best of me, tricking me, and stopping me from deep inside from knowing what the best and right thing is to do. To distract me from a broken heart and another surgery on the horizon, I created habits around my thought pattern and created more harm than working on a meaningful process of change. What I was choosing to believe, think, and feel was creating my reality. A reality that was not true to me or the life that I want to live. So even with the turmoil and the changes going on in my life, I KNOW that it is relevant for me to act. Inspired action that is.

First, self-reflection and trusting that the divine universe has my back is a key. It is time to acknowledge addictions (they come in all forms, time to stop overloading with “to do” lists, and time to stop ignoring emotions.

It is also time (in my case) to ask myself a lot of questions. Again, none of us are immune to life circumstances or challenges which is why all of us need to invest in our own energy before giving it to others. If you decide to give all your energy to other people, to control situations, or work on projects outside yourself you will end up depleted. My good friend, Melanie Midges, taught me this.

These my friends are what I have been learning, focusing on, and working on this month. So, I wanted to share the positive actions I have been doing to keep a strong mindset, a balanced Chakra (work in progress,) and learn to heal in a healthy way.

So, what have I been doing? Your trusted Feng Shui consultant, energy coach, and inspirational blogger, well….

🔑 I have taken decluttering to a whole new level. This is my way to relax. I play music and turn my phone off. I drop things on the floor, just to clean them up. Yeah, I’m a weirdo like that.

🔑 I have started journaling. I don’t like to journal, even though I love to write. Weird, I know. But this is a way for me to release and heal from all that is in my head!

🔑I have signed up for classes that bring me way out of my comfort zone. Tai Chi and Vinyasa yoga. Both these practices are hard for me because I am not a person that likes to slow down, in body and mind.

🔑Oh, and I have signed up for a Wellness Retreat!

And last, this is not a shock to you. I LOVE Feng Shui, my passion, and my career path. So, I have been nonstop working on and have perfected, tweaked, and added new content to my creation: Empower Your Home/Empower Your Life- my signature online Feng Shui Course, which I will be launching this week.

Also, my friends, a huge thing is that we need to have harmonic clarity on what it is we truly want and deserve. Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to remind ourselves that if we are serious about our life goals and desires, we need to take ourselves out of this comfort zone that is not serving us and step into the unknown, unfamiliar, and odd. This is what it means truly have faith and believe in your future, knowing the universe has enough abundance for us all, and that we are worthy.

So, this week I reconsidered my actions, my intentions, and my affirmations, and did some real soul searching. I decided to be brave and write down what I want using my intuition as my compass.

Perfectly clear about what I want. First, knowing that I am a very lucky woman, I have a career as a Feng Shui practitioner. I know how to balance the energy in my environment. Now, I was utilizing the Law of Attraction to create a new frequency in my body, mind, and home. The new frequency to attract what I want and manifest good things. And believe it.

If you are doing anything that you don't love or like, you are simply wasting your time. Time is the most precious and luxurious thing that we have on this planet and most definitely the only thing that we can never get back. What holds people back from living their best life is usually the fear of facing the unknown and staying stagnant.

Photo by Brett Jordan

In that case, there is no one to blame but yourself. Believing in yourself and knowing what lies ahead is far better than anything you decide to leave behind or the constant worry that nothing will work out for you.

You must choose between living in faith or fear, but you can’t do both while expecting magical miracles. I use the compass in my Feng Shui calculations for your home. Well, I think that we need to use our intuition as our compass. The only true and real guidance system.

Much love my friends and I hope this helped you to take inspired action as well!

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