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Welcome to a Journey of Transformation! 

Chinese New Year - Year of the Yang Wood Dragon Forcast!

Find out what 2024 Holds for You and Harness the Energy to support you in 2024 


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"Preparing for the Chinese New Year: Harness the Power of Feng Shui in the Year of the Dragon"

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Are you ready to make 2024 the most exhilarating year yet?

Dive into the ancient art of Feng Shui and unlock the secrets to a thriving life and business. Join me in this exclusive, FREE training, and let's welcome a year filled with flow, joy, and abundance!

Chinese New Year Call will be on 

January 27th, 2024 3:30 PM EST


My name is Adrienne Thatcher. I'm a  certified Feng Shui Consultant

I help empower people's lives by balancing the energy in their homes and turning it into a magnet for money, wealth, abundance, health and romance. Using the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, we align your home for the highest benefit of you and all aspects of your life. 

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Adrienne’s passion for Feng Shui began with a chance conversation around Sangria and a Purple Couch. While traveling as part of a volunteer group through South East Asia, she stopped off in Bali to visit friends. Complimented on her superior Sangria making skills at a small social gathering by the owner of the purple couch, it was a light bulb moment when she discovered that her new friend was a practicing Feng Shui consultant.


A former realtor, Adrienne realized she could take her lifelong interest in energy and Feng Shui and instead of buying and selling homes, assist her clients to align their home for their highest benefit. This isn’t ‘design to make it pretty’ Feng Shui; Adrienne is certified in Classical Flying Stars, the Compass school of Feng Shui which requires the use of a compass to ensure an accurate reading for the home. When not empowering her clients, Adrienne loves travel, good conversations, and hiking with her rescue labs Lola and MeeMee. Presenting our Feng Shui consultant, Adrienne Thatcher.


"I've met Adrienne exactly when I needed her and her Feng Shui knowledge. We've moved in our new house but hasn't felt like our home and I've realized that I haven't allowed ourselves to become friends with each other. That's what I wanted to change and Adrienne was a great company. The course design was great. Each week was filled with amazing content and I liked that Adrienne shared her knowledge through video modules, Live Sessions, Q&A Calls, and extra bonuses. I had so many questions and Adrienne answered all of them patiently and quickly."


"After I received my personal home report and within 20 minutes of implementing the last of my remedies I had two job interviews, a day later 2 job offers and since then 4 promotions."


 Feng Shui heals the home in the same way that Acupuncture heals your body. I work with your floor plans to create your homes energetic blueprint. Receive a detailed audit and comprehensive report that will reveal the remedies required, creating an environment to support the life you desire.
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Start Your Feng Shui Journey by Shifting Your Homes Energy from Blocked to Bursting 
Balance your home environment and attract the right partner ,increased abundance, better relationships, amplified happiness, and  improved health
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