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Feng Shui with Adrienne
Online Video Series 

Implement Feng Shui in your Home, Your Bedroom, and Your Kitchen

Learn the Feng Shui fundamentals to boast your homes energy turning it into a magnet for improved health, increased wealth and more abundance
Video Series starts on December 11, 2022

Hey there!

My name is Adrienne Thatcher. I'm a  certified Feng Shui Consultant

I help empower people's lives by balancing the energy in their homes and turning it into a magnet for money, wealth, abundance, health and romance. Using the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, we align your home for the highest benefit of you and all aspects of your life. 



Feng Shui teaches you that your house is a bigger version of the human body and psyche. When you start to see what areas of your life are blocked or being drained, you can change it in your space! 


Sign up here and start Feng Shui with Adrienne Video series to take at your own pace and time. In this series we are focusing on the two most important areas in your home, the Bedroom and the Kitchen! When you energize your home and create a more sacred space for yourself, your environment will become your revitalizing sanctuary. 

This video series is for you if you are ready to……….

During this 4-part video series, you will learn…..

Image by Murat Demircan
I want to join, Sign me up for an Early Bird price of only $56.
  • Video Series + Home Analysis is also available with payment plan.

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BONUS!! When you join, I am giving 3 more lucky members Complimentary Home Evaluations and Feng Shui Consulting. (Value of $189) 
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