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What daily habits do you follow?

What do you do every single day that you are subconsciously aware of? And now I want you to think about, or you already are thinking about, the unconscious habits you do daily.

This is such an awesome question because when you think about this, you realize that subconsciously we are doing these behaviors and patterns that showcase us by default.

Interestingly, we follow routines every day without thinking twice. So unconscious daily habits create room for your brain to perform more advanced activities like problem-solving and analysis.

Or think about this. We consciously do these habits because daily habits can drastically improve our lives. YES! Good on you! However, I must write this.

Consciously doing so something which could harm us. But I don’t want to emphasize bad habits we need to break I just want to focus on good habits, so we can share with one another and maybe add something we didn’t know about to cultivate in our daily routine. And then we all have a more successful life!

So, what are some of the daily habits you all have? I’ll start and I’ll be honest. I really need to add more healthy daily habits to my routine!

  • I make my bed every day as soon as I get up. It must be perfect.

  • Every day at 4 PM I light all my tea lights, with my wax cubes

  • I dim all the lights with my dimmers around 8:45 PM. Y'all know I am a freak about lighting. LOL

  • I organize, write my list of things to do the next day, and make sure the house is in order before I go to sleep. Oh, and I thank my house for supporting me. (seriously)

  • I help MeeMee to bed, tuck her in then I say, “goodnight Lola, mommy loves you” Every night like clockwork. For those who don’t know, these are my dogs. 😊

  • I say goodnight to the picture of my someone special

  • Lately, I’ve been watching one episode of Queen of the South and then go to sleep.

Yep! Ok! I have my list of new habits that I am implementing tomorrow. One will be starting my yoga practice again, every morning. After I make my bed of course.

Ok? So, what are some of the daily habits you follow? I would love to know.

I have fun discussions like this in my Feng Shui Facebook Community. Follow me with the link below for Feng Shui tips, discussions, and free webinars, and join a like-minded community of open-minded beautiful people who want to learn more about the ancient practice of Feng Shui.

All the best!



PS - I'm setting my alarm clock now to get up earlier so I can start implementing my new routine, with practicing yoga!

PSS - I have a great book recommendation. Atomic Habits by James Clear. An easy and proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

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