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The Predecessor Law

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

“‘Predecessor’ in the commonly accepted meaning, means one who goes before or precedes another in a given state, position, or office, and does not necessarily express any relation of legal privity.”

One of the most important principles needed to understand Feng Shui is Predecessor Law. The overall vibration that remains in the space from those who lived there before you dictates much of what may be happening. It may be beyond your ability to change through ordinary means, but the power of Feng Shui and using the 5 elements of nature, what we call “remedies”, can and will make a difference.

Are you aware of the predecessor energy of the house you intend to move into during the new year or the one you are living in at the moment? Read on, to know what it is, as it could have a significant impact on your life

If you read my story, you would know that I used my knowledge of Feng Shui to correct the imbalance of the invisible energy going into my home. My circumstances were corrected with Feng Shui.

  • Have you ever known space or restaurant that has been turned over every few months with new cuisine or owners? This can be corrected with Feng Shui.

  • If you move into a house where the previous occupants were always in conflict, the chance that you and your mate will have difficulty are higher than the law of averages would predict. This can be corrected with Feng Shui.

  • If the company whose space you are working in now had financial troubles that ended in bankruptcy, that space still carries that energy. This can be corrected with Feng Shui.

  • On the other hand, if the space was previously held by a successful, booming business, the space they leave behind carries an energy that is very auspicious.

  • Clients/friends, I've sold houses to. Knowing that the family who previously lived there did so happily for 20 years and raised a family-but they wanted to sell because their children were going off to college. Predecessor Law will suggest it is an ideal environment in which to raise a family. I have checked in with my clients/ friends and it's wonderful to hear they are pregnant or their family is flourishing and they love their home.

When you discover problems that you inherited from a predecessor, there are ways to correct the imbalance.

You can change your circumstances with Feng Shui. It just works.

A mediation for occupants who may be energetically still present. Your sincere intention and open heart will do more than you know.

I did a mediation and thanked the previous owner for the house, and wherever she was, wished her well. There was no need for her to hang around in this space that I now occupied, and she could go freely knowing the home was in good hands.

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