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The Power of Your Home

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Are you ready to know about the awareness of the power of your home? Well then, I would like to talk about the mapping of your home!

The Eastern school of Feng Shui, which is what I practice, uses this predetermined map, known as the Bagua Map.

Now, there are many schools of Feng Shui but I practice the Compass school of Feng Shui, or Classical Flying Stars, which says that every home is unique!

The other Bagua that you might have seen or come across is very set and uses the front door as a guide which is not what I use. The Bagua map I use, which gets the most efficient results, involves me using the compass. It's not just the year the house is built is also literally where your house is located. And with technology, I can do this anywhere!

💡Did you know?

Feng Shui originated with the invention of the compass?

The Bagua Map is a diagram consisting of eight areas of your home which then represent a different area of your life. Each of these areas is known as a trigram and is associated with a host of

natural and human phenomena, including the seasons, the time of day, magnetic directions, the five elements, and their corresponding colors, animals and human personality types, body parts, related illnesses, and numbers. This map creates the ENERGY BLUEPRINT OF YOUR HOME!

For example, I will tell you about The SOUTHWEST TRIGRAM and how each area can tell me all of this. (This is next-level Feng Shui, but bear with me.) Each trigram can tell me:

Relationship: Mother, wife, grandmother, old woman

Symbol: Mother Earth

Element: Earth

Number: 2

Direction: Southwest

Colors: Earth tones, brown, yellow, cream

Body parts: Abdomen, stomach, spleen, pancreas, flesh, and fat Illnesses: Reproductive or digestive order

This is over your head, I am sure of that, and is definitely beyond the scope of what I started to write. However, I wanted to stress how much I can tell from being precise in my calculations and all that I am able to see, especially if any area of your life feels depleted or needs to be addressed.

So, in conclusion—I have always wanted to write that—I use this method and I create your Classical Stars Personalized Home Report—which will be your treasure map, or you can call it your ‘golden ticket’. Also, this is a method for you to look at your home in a new way! Why? Because ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!

With the Bagua Map, I am able to tell you which elements to implement in each area (gua) of your home.


Having a personalized report is a way for you to see which elements you should use in your home. Every home is unique and calculations are based on all of this. Your report explains the five elements of nature and implementing these remedies will bring your home positive changes, new energy, and abundance to all aspects of your life.

Go to for more details and download for free my latest video!

Cheers my friends!

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