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How Feng Shui with Adrienne can help!

Hello my friends!

Are you ready to balance the energy in your home to support all aspects of your life? Well, I am here and happy to be offering Feng Shui consultations.

But first, how do you know if you would need a Feng Shui consultant? Well, are you starting something new and need a kickstart of support? Perhaps you’re on a spiritual path and want to go deeper to integrate it into the environment around you. Are you ready to invite more prosperity into your life, increasing your wealth and abundance (not all about money), Or are you ready for increased vitality, health, and well-being?

If you are overwhelmed and having trouble asking for guidance or support, (like me) feeling down and would like to welcome more joy into your everyday life, this is your opportunity to reach out to me.

Consider reaching out if you’re ready to embark on a new career or feeling uninspired and need to ignite some passion into your life, including relationships.

My goal is to make you feel great in your space and home. By providing you with the energetic blueprint of your space to have your home support everyone living there, creating a strong foundation for your personal growth and that of all occupants living there.

During our first consultation, I will explain the principles and major correlations of Feng Shui.

Prior to the meeting, you will receive a personal home report questionnaire. The questionnaire is helpful for me to have the details of your space and home before I do an evaluation. However, you can describe your personal situation and your individual needs to me in our personal consultations.

I evaluate your space based on the Chi flow, the balance of Yin and Yang, the five elements theory, and the complex set of calculations I do based on the location and compass directions. With the help of Bagua and your floor plan, your home will be divided into eight areas of your life.

After analyzing and the calculations are done, I will explain what you can do to balance your space. What remedies are needed in each area, recommendations for enhancements, what colors to add or what colors to avoid?

You will have another consultation visit with me during the process of implementing Feng Shui and any further recommendations I may have for you. I am with you every step of your Feng Shui journey!

The recommendations and evaluation will be provided to you in your Personalized and detailed Feng Shui Home Report along with a crystal guide, affirmations, your personal trigram, decluttering worksheet, optional remedy page, remedy suggestions, and space clearing advice. Short videos are also provided to get you ready for your report and knowledge of the remedies you will need to balance your space.

Here is what I offer:

Home Consultations with Adrienne

Feng Shui Your Home + All occupants – $ 458 (Price options available)

Feng Shui for your Office - $189

Feng Shui for your Bedroom - $189

Feng Shui for your Apartment - $258

Payment options for “Feng Shui your Home” the Classical Flying Stars Package are:

$118 Month

$84 Month

So, what the Hell is a Personalized Feng Shui Home Report Adrienne ??

Your Homes Personalized (and detailed) 30–40-page Feng Shui Home Report- You will know exactly what remedies you need in each area of your home

Every home is 1 of 4 House Types. Know what your home’s energy has taken on and has been captured, since the day it was built. Is it:





The report also includes:

  • An “Inventory of Your Home” Worksheet

  • Personal Trigram Chart

  • Crystals and Deity, Optional Remedy Guide

  • Short videos to prepare you for your Feng Shui Journey

  • Affirmations for each of your life areas

Along with the report, the 2-3 One-on-One Consultations with me, virtual or in person. (Atlanta clients only) When you work with me you not only have your Home Report, but you will have constant attention to detail and guidance every step of your Feng Shui Journey.

If you have questions about Feng Shui or my services, you can book a DISCOVERY CALL. No obligation and a free call.

Discover Feng Shui with Adrienne's Monthly Membership! Join the waitlist for September membership (cancel anytime) and take advantage of an Early Bird price of $28 a month. You can sign up for the waitlist here:

Much Love,


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