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Feng Shui for your Kitchen

Hello my friends! How about we dive into the topic of cooking? Feng Shui for the kitchen and cooking!

The kitchen is where you prepare one of life's necessities: Food! Food, as we know, is a multifaceted necessity in our lives. For the less fortunate, food is survival. Food for the fortunate means energy, health, happiness, wealth, and simply pleasure. Food can elicit several feelings but it also carries Chi—life force energy that enters your body when you eat. Did you know that the energy flow in the kitchen greatly contributes to how food affects you? According to Chinese energy theory, the amount and quality of Chi in your food rates more highly than the food's nutritional make-up. Hmmmm? What do we think about that?

But we can talk more about that a little later; first let's discuss our kitchens and stoves!

The stove and the kitchen overall has always been an essential part of the house but it is sometimes overlooked— in Feng Shui analysis, that is. How many of us gather in the kitchen? I'm sure a lot. It is the part of the house in which you entertain and spend the most time in, apart from your bedroom. So having an ideal kitchen layout, knowing about stove placement, and having the home's energy generator placed so that the energy of the cook, the food, and the fire element meet to create sustenance for physical health and strength is critical.

The stove is the energy generator. It provides food and nourishment to the occupants of the home. If your stove is broken or dirty, this can contribute to the quality of Chi in your home and affect your physical health and vitality.

This is where I interject before you start questioning your kitchen. There are Feng Shui adjustments, enhancements, or changes that can be done to reverse kitchen problems, so read on, and we will get to all that!

In an ideal situation, the kitchen location is in the back half of the home. It is more protected, calm, and secure than the front of the home where the energy is more active.

First, a good kitchen layout prevents energy from attacking the stove and the cook. Second, the energetic safety of the cook’s standing position greatly determines the quality of Chi he or she puts into the food. Having the cook in their power position is recommended. This position derives from the placement of the stove itself and being able to see the kitchen doorway and anyone approaching. If your back is facing the kitchen door while you cook, you can feel startled whether you realize this or not.

The cure is simple: Place a mirror behind the stove so you can see what is coming in behind you. Placing a mirror behind the stove will also represent the doubling of your money.

Even if you live alone, having an energetic relationship between you and the stove is important. More so if you share a home with other people.

The stove not only affects your physical health, vitality, and stamina but it also influences many other parts of your life. The biggest: MONEY. Your welfare—and your family’s welfare, is influenced more by the energetic status of the stove. So, putting time and attention into the stove Chi can bring powerful rewards. The importance of a clean and functioning stove cannot be stressed enough.

So take a look at your stove's cleanliness. A dirty stove can make you tired and depressed. It can also make it harder to earn money. Old food particles hold stale and stagnant energy which then mixes with the new food that you cook.

The cure is simple: Clean your stove! That includes the stovetop, oven, the burners, the front of the stove, controls, and all other areas.

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