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Feng Shui and the Mouth Of the Chi Tips for your Entryway and Front Door

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Feng Shui considers the entryway and front door to be the most important points in your home's environment. The energy that is coming into your home is mediated by the physical path and front door. It is the controlling point of your home's energy.

Think of it this way: Your home has a body.

A face. It has a mouth, ears, and eyes.

The front of your home and specifically your front door is the


The Mouth of the Chi!

And you want the energy coming into your “body” to be fed and nourished properly.

  • The entry will determine the amount of energy that will flow into your home, as well as if this energy nourishes or depletes your home.

  • The front door, the controlling point of your home's energy, is a crucial point.

  • Any minor or major things that are flawed at your front door can affect your home—and you—in a negative way.

What kind of energy are you inviting in?

Does your front door measure up?

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