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Feng Shui and the Healing Power of Nature

Noise, Nature, and HEALING POWER!

Enhancing our moods is easier than it sounds…

Have you ever thought that your mood can be affected by the noise we subconsciously hear in the background?

During your workday you are creating, focusing, learning, teaching, or being productive. What are the sounds you hear? What kind of background noise is in your environment?

Maybe it's music?

That's great! However, is the music playing dictated by someone else? Or, do you work from home and have the TV on in the background while you work? Maybe you listen to Pandora or have kids at home while you are working.

Maybe during your work day, all you hear are the sounds of cars, buses, sirens, traffic, people talking, people yelling, and phones buzzing, and just wish for silence instead of the background noise that exists in your environment.

Background noise is cranked up 10 times louder than what scientists estimate to be natural conditions. All the “unnatural noise” in nature, according to scientists monitoring this, say that a bird who could hear 100 feet away is drowned out and one would have to be at least 50’ away to hear its song. Wow!!

Nature's sounds are very important to humans. They enhance mood and improve memory and overall well-being. Connection with nature far enough away from city/human noise can heal many ailments. That is why feng shui adjustments mimic nature in the home and workplace if at all possible. Survival in today's technology-overloaded work is killing us. Trying to keep up with social media conversations and everywhere we turn, political turmoil disrupts our psyche. Anxiety runs high. Violence and disrespect is at an all-time high.

What can we do to feel more at ease and less anxious? If we can’t control the noise, what can we do?

Walking barefoot is one of the greatest things we can do ourselves to increase our antioxidants, improve sleep habits, and reduce inflammation, and according to Science Daily can help in reducing heart disease.

The journal of Environmental and Public Health further states, “Emerging scientific research has revealed a surprisingly positive and overlooked environmental factor on health: direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth., Modern lifestyle separates humans from such contact.

The research suggests that this disconnect may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness. Reconnection with the Earth’s electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being”.

So how do we go about grounding your body to Mother Earth? The simplest is to walk barefoot in lush grass after a fresh rain or walk through soft wet soil, or sand on the beach. If that is not an option, soak your feet in sea salt, connecting a grounding tool to the earth while doing so. There are also many things such as pads for the feet and earthing sheets.

The Earth beneath our feet provides sustenance in the form of food and water. It provides a surface to sit, stand, walk, run, swim, climb, play, and build on. And, it also provides something very surprising and marvelous, something you likely never, ever thought about. HEALING POWER!!

What surrounds you, including noise, can either inhibit or enhance your essence. In other words, if your connections are not supported by your life intentions the space that cloaks your life will not reciprocate. That is why Feng Shui is so powerful. It shows you how to connect to who you are and guides you into formulating your life purpose.

It is my job as a Feng Shui professional, to homes and workspaces, to make sure these interactions present obvious as well as subtle connections for my clients and what holds a purpose in their lives.

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