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Equation for Success.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Have you ever felt that some people have better luck than others? Why is that? Determining what causes people to have success in life we ask, “What are the key factors for human success?” After reading this, you won't need to question other people's luck versus your own, I promise.

Considering factors of success, let's take a look at the historical concept from Chinese culture called the Five Factors That Contribute to Life Fortune.

These are Fate (or destiny), Luck, Feng Shui, Charitable action (good deeds and virtue), and lastly, Education and self improvement.

First comes FATE! Common synonyms of fate are destiny, doom, lot, and portion. Fate is simply the development of events beyond a person's control as determined by a supernatural power. WHOA, let’s dive deeper into that.

Traditionally, you're stuck with the type of fate you were handed at birth. Feng Shui scholars believe that this factor includes the date, time, and location of your birth. In theory, fate exerts about 70 % influence over life's destiny. So, with Fate, the best you can do is to work on your current situation to improve your situations and this is by understanding the next four factors!

LUCK - Luck is defined as the good or bad things that happen by chance. It is what happens when good things happen to someone. The Western world tends to think that luck is random. The Eastern world, which adheres to the Five Factor Theory, believes luck is neither chance nor random coincidence. So if destiny is the time, place, and speed with which you are born on this earth, then I'd like to think of luck as a mysterious pattern of influences on your life's path!

You've heard this before, that luck is being in the right place at the right time. Well, the Chinese would agree with this, however, they use the ancient practice of Feng Shui which can predict the right time and also put things in the right place. I'm not talking about furniture placement or material objects in your home, I am talking about Feng Shui remedies which will be a later discussion for us.

FENG SHUI - My favorite topic, and the third factor that affects your life. This is your placement on the earth. How you situate yourself in life and your environment affects you so strongly, and it's the one factor that can be manipulated so you can improve things to reach the higher levels of what your fate and luck allow.

If this seems tricky, let me explain. If your fate and luck are poor (or even wonderful) you can improve things by properly applying Feng Shui in your life and environment. Feng Shui is one of the best ways to maximize your fate or luck, whether it's positive or negative.

Fourth, and one you have control of, is Your CHARACTER. This factor, to me, is a huge word and responsibility. The definition of Character encompasses your actions, good deeds, virtue, and moral fiber. Every day we are setting an example for others, especially our children, who are our future. The positive actions you take, the donations you give, the acts of kindness to random people and performing good deeds without the reward of any recognition is our human responsibility.

I have a homework assignment for you: Give 3 random strangers a compliment once a day. I promise that giving, doing good, and helping others is a huge influence on your quality of life. Spread good and good things will come back.

Last is EDUCATION AND SELF IMPROVEMENT. This refers to improving one's knowledge and moral fiber. Having the knowledge and taking appropriate action is what is necessary to be successful in your life. Not taking action and expecting success to come to you, will definitely affect your luck and destiny. Knowledge is key. Learning is earning and self-improvement will invite good people, events, and an increase to your well being in life. It all flows together… which is another way to understand Feng Shui. It's all about balance and flow.

The ancient Chinese (who are the longest continuously existing civilization on the planet, by the way ) discovered Feng Shui and believe that the environment in which you spend your time (mostly your home environment) has a massive and pervasive effect on your thoughts, feelings, actions, and life. Your environment can affect your success even more than the good deeds you do, or the attempts you make to improve yourself.

Feng Shui is the first on this list that you can do something about. Balancing your home environment by implementing Feng Shui is the biggest advantage you have and the most powerful methods of life improvement.

All five factors affect you all the time, no denying that. However, it's vital that you combine all these factors satisfactorily to allow you to fulfill your destiny. My advice is to take advantage of this knowledge or road map and apply Feng Shui today to see positive results tomorrow. Arranging your environment to your advantage and your positive mental attitude towards these factors will take you where you want to go!

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