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Energetic Principles

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Using energetic principles to find your next home instead of price point, emotion, and unconscious factors


Have you ever considered looking for a home-based on the energy and the structure that supports and energizes you, rather than undermines you? Probably not. Who does? How does that work? Well, I am here to help you understand why it's important to look before you leap because living in a home that needs serious energy repair can do your life more harm than good.

Feng Shui is not only about improving the home you're in, but it is an important time to apply these principles and is most advantageous when you are ready to buy or rent.

I am a seasoned real estate agent of 15 years who has hung up her license to practice and teach Feng Shui full time. My career and expertise in a real estate offer a helping hand, but applying Feng Shui to buy or sell a home is different. Most people are using emotion and unconscious factors when choosing a living space, not looking at the unseen energies that lie in a home that pertain to good or bad energy.

Don't you think it's best to start looking for the next space that will give you strength and stability? I am not talking about the foundation, age of the home, or if it's a fixer-upper, a new build, renovated, or if you are starting from the ground up. I'm talking about starting off in a space of strength and stability rather than imbalance and weakness. Wisely selecting a home that has good Feng Shui features will allow you to have a fabulous home with a fabulous situation as opposed to trying to turn a bad Feng Shui situation into a good one.

I have helped hundreds of clients find their next home and experienced firsthand the emotions that arise with this process. Hopes, desires, fears, financial concerns, and commitment all come into play when selecting a home. How society and your peers view you in regards to where you live is also an enormous factor. People want to avoid choosing a home that is a “step down” or too much of a “step-up”. The pressure of this process becomes a stressor whether it's self-imposed or determined by career, financial, or other needs. Buying under these conditions can subconsciously affect you and bring you to make decisions where you may choose a home under stress, confusion, or uncertainty.

It's also difficult to leave your current home. This can be very emotional— leaving memories behind or fear of leaving beloved places and friends. Adjusting to new circumstances is difficult, change is difficult. So how do you work and help your clients so this process does not become energetically draining and overwhelming?

I empathized a lot with my clients.

I prided myself on being sympathetic but also had that tough love my clients needed to remind them why they were looking for a new home. But then I found myself conflicted.

I was full-time Feng Shui and still working as a realtor when it became hard to separate my two passions. I was showing homes to my clients but looking at them through Feng Shui eyes. Any advice to my clients became difficult to relay because I was conflicted and I didn't have the confidence to explain that the energetic balance in the house's blueprint should be considered. My clients were looking (with the advice of their trusted realtor) at the location, price, and aesthetics with emotion. I wanted to use my knowledge of this ancient practice to help find them a house in their price point, their desired location, and wish list but who was I to interrupt this already stressful process? What would I say?

The need for me to use Feng Shui to help find my clients became clear. I wanted all of that for them, plus, I wanted them to find a home that was energetically supportive and would enhance their lives and all the other occupants as well. I needed to be upfront, so I decided to do that.

Transforming this mess of fear, stress, anxiety, and unconscious determination can be solved by choosing Feng Shui. By implementing and using this opportunity, you can have a creative and joyful process that will help you find a home that is uplifting and supportive for your daily well-being and helps you realize your life goals. Transforming your life energetically and consciously will also signify personal growth. WOW! What a beautiful concept.

To be continued, my friends...



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