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Center GUA for Health and Vitality

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I know we all have been down the road of having our share of health issues; from minor to major, whether it's been sickness, injuries, or surgeries. We can all agree that living our best life includes wanting more vitality, energy, and to live a life of well-being that is the absolute best of us. From an energy perspective and as an energy coach, I believe that many health problems are created by disturbances in the normal flow of Chi, or can hinder us from obtaining a healthy flow of Chi to improve and influence our health.

  • Are you ready to achieve physical vitality and good health, allowing you to achieve your fullest potential?

  • Do you want to create overall life improvement?

  • Ready to feel centered in your life?

If your health suffers, every part of your life suffers as well.

I have been through some trauma in my life, having more surgeries than one young woman should ever have. Now in my 40s, my health issues derive from a car accident, bad luck, the wrong doctors, and poor decisions. Just two days off of my eleventh surgery—the third time on my hip—I am inspired to write about Feng Shui and how the practice I live by and will share with you, has helped me through my medically tough times. I have written my story before, some of you know, but this is not about me. Well, sorta.

The most important part of your home, after the front door and entrance, is the Center. This Gua, the center of your home, represents health, well-being, unity, self-love, self-acceptance, and gratitude. The state of this area of your home will affect your vibrancy, energy, and sense of how you look after yourself.

The Center is the solar plexus of the home and where the Chi is stored. The energy here directly affects our health and then plays out in every part of our life. This is where all energy and action pass through which makes this a powerful area of your home; it connects energetically to and is interrelated with all other parts of the home, in turn affecting our life overall.

Two years ago I was living in a house where the kitchen was my Center, Gua. In Feng Shui, a kitchen located in the Center creates vulnerability to accidents, major health problems, or even fires in the home. I never used my kitchen and so it was often cluttered because I had no desire to be in there! I had a collection of mismatched pots and pans that were old and not good to cook with, I had all my old roommates' kitchen stuff, broken items stored, coffee mugs that were chipped, and at times the stove did not work!

This was a time in my life that I was at an all-time low and coming off my third neck surgery, and I did not have the energy, drive, or will to take care of myself. Nothing, I mean nothing was in place, and I could not get out of my funk. I was mentally down and made poor decisions which caused a delay in healing.

Getting the Center remedy into place was where I started. The reason I was having a hard time healing in the best and healthiest way was because of how my home was misaligned for the best of me and my health—the Center Gua. First, the stove is the energy generator and provides food that gives nourishment and vitality to the home's residents. And mine was broken!

The stove not only affects your physical health, vitality, and stamina but influences many other parts of your life. Chiefly, money. I can get deeper into kitchen cures, money, and other Feng Shui tips at a later time. Once health falls into place, other things can be put into place

and it will all connect. Because the center of the home connects to all aspects of your life, performing cures in the Center can energize you and create life benefits.

If you know exactly what kind of Chi you need in order to improve your health, you can recreate that Chi is a part of your home where you spend plenty of time. I now have a home that is balanced and aligned for the best of me. I have a great spirit regarding healing and am mentally prepared to work hard and get myself back to my best physical state!

I hope you join me for my FREE webinar on Nov. 23rd

at 3 pm LIVE on Facebook.

I will be talking about Feng Shui for improving health, wealth, relationships, and overall harmony.

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