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Feng Shui for Home and Life-Flying Stars

One-On-One Weekly Virtual Consultations & Personalized Home Analysis Available Remotely & Worldwide

  • 25 hr
  • 2,500 US dollars
  • Feng Shui with Adrienne

Service Description

EMPOWERMENT PACKAGE- The ART of managing our space and our lives! Introduction Consult 9 virtual weekly or tailored Consultations 45min-1.5 hours each session Consults can be catered around your schedule Personalized Feng Shui Home Report Bonuses throughout the course of your journey FENG SHUI CONSULATIONS - VIRTUAL In person consultation upon requests Each week we will focus on one life area & learn the Feng Shui adjustments, enhancements, and its corresponding living space area. ▪️Learn how to Cure family ailments and improve family relationships ▪️Feng Shui for Inviting the right relationships into your life ▪️Forming powerful connections and supportive friendships, both personal and business ▪️Creating a strong foundation for your family’s growth ▪️Energizing your health and well-being with action items ▪️Enhancing and Attracting Wealth and Prosperity ▪️Better Connections and Your Career- How to Shine Your Light in the world ▪️Mastering the Feng Shui fundamentals -Tools for Transformation PERSONALIZED FENG SHUI HOME REPORT A detailed analysis of the energy flow within a home and identifies any areas that may be negatively impacting all occupants' health, wealth, and relationships. By examining factors such as the orientation of the building, determining the true “sitting” and “facing” side of the space, factoring in the construction date, using the lo pan compass and a complex set of calculations, I will make the recommendations required to improve the flow of positive energy or "qi" in the home. Secondly, a Personalized Home Report can help identify the unique needs and preferences of all the occupants. I can tailor their recommendations to the specific needs and preferences of the occupants, enhancing their overall well-being. The report is created by using The Bagua Map which is overlaid onto the floor plan of the home, revealing the stamps and remedies required in each of the life sectors in your home. Finally, this audit is your energetic blueprint providing you with the “prescription” of what remedies are required for the home. It can also help to identify potential problem areas and provide solutions to mitigate any negative influences and enhance the positive energy flow and create a home/space that is balanced and harmonized. ALSO INCLUDED: ▪️Feng Shui Learning Modules & Transcripts ▪️Decluttering Guide ▪️Weekly Accountability Guides ▪️Personal Trigram Chart for all Occupants

Cancellation Policy

Let me know where you are in the world and the time zone. Also, if you need to cancel or reschedule please contact me in advance.

Contact Details

  • Adrienne Thatcher Feng Shui Consulting, Midlawn Drive, Decatur, GA, USA

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