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Feng Shui and How Your Home Tells Your Story

Updated: Feb 16

Did you know that your personal space tells a story about your past, your present, and where you may or may not end up? So what is your environment communicating to you? What does your space say about you?

First, Dragonflies, one of my favorite (well, my only favorite) flying insects, is associated with transformation and prosperity. Also, the dragonfly’s eyes are incredibly advanced. They have 30,000 individual facets and each facet creates its own image. Their brain neurons compile those thousands of images into one picture. Humans do the same thing. The whole picture of the stuff that surrounds us in our spaces compiles all those images into one message. That message is communicated to us daily.

So, ask yourself, “what message do I want to send to my future to realize my life-long intentions?” If it's clutter you have and has had for years, then you are looking at your future. If it’s a health issue that continues to plague you, what in your environment is communicating this negative message to you?

For example, Has your posture taken a wrong turn? Maybe every day you are looking at a picture that implies slumped shoulders! I once had a client that complained of back aches and started once her husband moved into their new home. During our consultation, I noticed that she lived across the street from small hills. Her husband was videoing through the home and she was in front of the camera. I noticed that her posture mirrored the hills she was looking at daily. Hmm, simple.

Feng Shui is not only placing remedies, it is another tool in the law of attraction, including the power of intention and being clear on what it is you truly want. This will be the “law” that attracts what you focus on. If you focus on positive results, you attract positive outcomes. Focus on negative results, you attract and multiply those. So much like Feng Shui it is in operation whether you believe in it or not. Ask yourself, what conversations go on in your mind when you view your pictures and things in your home? Or looking at certain rooms, spaces, or things you have?

Understand that everything you say, think, see, hear, smell, and taste is processed on a molecular level in your body and messages are sent to the brain. Since your physical environment is connected to your health, how does your personal space set the stage for you to move forward in a positive and healthy mindset?

As a practitioner with experienced “Feng Shui

eyes”, I see many facets of a client’s physical environment that tells a story of “why” a client isn’t happy with where decisions have taken them. I compile the multiple images I gather, incorporate them with the answers given by my client, analyze the symbols of the space, use a complicated set of calculations, the principles of Ying and Yang, and then able, just like the dragonfly, to understand the trajectory of a person’s life and how to help.

Knowing the specific remedies needed to balance the energy in your home and the intentions of what you want to achieve, tied all together, you will be all geared to achieve your truest and ultimate potential.

So, What does your space say about you? How would you like your future to look?

Let me help you write your next chapter.


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