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The Gift of Fortune!

My Signature Feng Shui Package
Full Home Makeover & 2023 Home Report!

Special Christmas Offer: $100 OFF until Dec. 30, 2022.
2023 Report and reserve your 2024 report for ¼ the price 
$ 494 .00 one time payment
$261.00 for 2 months 
Hier gibt es gerade nichts zu buchen. Schaue bald wieder vorbei!
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What is a Personalized Feng Shui Report????

Personal Home Analysis report

A Personalized Feng Shui report is your GOLDEN TICKET! It is a 40-50 page detailed audit of your home and a comprehensive report with the stamps and remedies needed to create the environment to support the life you desire. 


Feng Shui heals the home in the same way that Acupuncture heals your body. And just like your thumbprint, every home is unique. Your home has its own birthdate and personality which impacts what you need to balance the energy and speaks to what remedies your home requires, making the positive changes that will create lasting impact in your life. 


So this special Christmas offer is available because when it comes to Mid December,  it's the cut off time for me to create Feng Shui reports for 2022. This is the time of year we are decorating for Christmas and getting ready for the New Year. With lots of upheaval and all sorts of energy flying around, it's time to enjoy the balance and harmony of your home before the next Feng Shui year starts on February 5th. 

Signature Package Includes:

  • Personal Home Report for 2023 and an option to receive your 2024 for ¼ price

  • 3 Virtual Home Consultations ( up to 3 months ) 

  • Online Feng Shui Classes/ Modules for you to watch and learn at your own time & pace. This is an added feature to support you on your Feng Shui journey

  • Learn your house type and the positive cures that you can employ to enhance the way you feel at home, without having to undertake drastic alterations.

  • Handy dandy slides that you can download or watch with the videos- helpful guides

  • A Color Chart and Affirmations for each area of your home

  • Personal Trigram Chart for each family member living in the home

  • Decluttering Module + decluttering worksheet

  • Tons of support via email or zoom

  • Remote space clearing (optional) 

What others Are Saying

What do you need to do?

  • You will need to provide a current floor plan (can be drawn) before our initial walk-through and to receive your home's report analysis

  • Fill out the personal home questionnaire (easy and interactive) and send it back to me. This is the information I will need to generate your home's tailored report.

  • Then, Let me know the best time and day for our introduction call on the calandy provided. 


*** Please note: To receive your full home make-over, your Questionnaire must be completed and sent back within 3 weeks of booking this service***

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Hey there!

My name is Adrienne Thatcher. I'm a  certified Feng Shui Consultant

I help empower people's lives by balancing the energy in their homes and turning it into a magnet for money, wealth, abundance, health and romance. Using the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, we align your home for the highest benefit of you and all aspects of your life. 

Ready to start your Feng Shui journey?

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