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Feng Shui for Real Estate Agent, Buyer, and Seller


Feng Shui is not about rearranging furniture, colors, or remodeling. In layman's terms, Feng Shui is Acupuncture for your home. The combination of Feng Shui and real estate is a perfect marriage. Feng Shui clears the emotional energy and uses a specific set of tools to implement remedies and improve your real estate results. Understanding energy better not only helps you catapult your sales but puts you in a unique category of realtors. Thinking that a house is just a home is unconventional. A home is a structure, has a personality, and has information. Having your clients appreciate that you have an energy consultant on your team will speak volumes. A quicker sale for your sellers or a better home purchase with your buyers over an impulsive one will show how much more you understand their biggest financial decision. Feng Shui does overlap with the practical suggestions that real estate agents already make—I’m not denying that. By combining strategies, I was selling homes quicker and helping buyer clients with the energetic principles to find their next home instead of price point, emotion, and, unconscious factors. (Yes, I started to get confused) However, along with their practical real estate wants and needs, this approach was working! I was also helping builders make decisions on floor plans and lot locations based on Feng Shui principles. It was amazing.

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